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About Chef Antonia Maceroni


Antonia Maceroni is a Red Seal Certified Chef and Culinary Instructor with the Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board. Her passion for cooking started at a young age with the influence of Nonna and mom at home.

Antonia grew up in an Italian environment were working the garden was second nature, the smell of homemade wine lingered in the cantina and Sundays were spent rolling gnocchi or fresh spaghettini by hand. Her heritage flared a passion and began her culinary journey.

Antonia spent eighteen years in the restaurant business, where tradition and quality were never compromised. Her love for travel has played an integral role in providing culinary inspiration. Her philosophy and the way she thinks about food are totally in tune with the Slow Food Movement and this has inspired her to teach today’s youth to eat healthy, natural and sustainable food as well as give them the life skills they need to succeed with simply being healthy.

Antonia has created Cotta Catering for families, offering the best products to improve and add value to their lives. Dedicating her time to deliver quality: that means quality food, quality service and ultimately quality time.

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